Route Maps and Rolling Stock


I was in London last Saturday for a conference at the National Autistic Society’s HQ and made use of London Underground after the conference, travelling on Northern and Metropolitan line trains. The rest of this post will largely be pictures showing this.


Catching a Northern line train at Angel means using the longest escalator in London (bear in mind that when I took the photo below I was already a few steps down):


Aboard the train at Angel I took this picture of the on-train route map of the Northern line


Changing trains at Moorgate I got this enamel map of the relevant parts of the Northern Line…



At Moorgate (and elsewhere between Liverpool Street and Great Portland Street) the Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith and City lines share a set of tracks, hence this enamelled route map:


The Metropolitan, Circle and Hammersmith & City lines all now have new rolling stock which is articulated rather than comprising old style carriages. The difference between the two types of stock is that the stock used on the Circle and Hammersmith & City lines has a lot of doors and comparatively little seating space owing to the fact that it is mainly used for short journeys within central London, while the Metropolitan line stock, to be suitable for longer journeys over less densely used track has much more seating and fewer doors.

Looking along a new Metropolitan line train.
Looking along a new Metropolitan line train.

Here is the internal route map from this same train:


Secret Santa Comes Up Trumps With Tea Towel Map


Today was the NAS West Norfolk Committee Christmas Lunch, which took place at the Lynn Restaurant, practically underneath my flat (I did not do the usual thing for those who live closest to the venue and arrive last!). As part of this we were doing a ‘secret Santa’ whereby each person was nominated to buy a small gift for someone else – and the gifts were to be labelled with the recipients name but nothing else. The rest  of this post is about the ‘secret Santa’ gift that I received.


Whoever was given the job of buying for me succeeded magnificently, coming up with a Tea Towel that was also a map of the central area of London Underground…




This is a splendid addition to my collection of maps, and far better than I even dared hope for, let alone expect, from a ‘secret Santa’.