Join us: tomorrow for a flashmob vigil – and is the Garden Bridge on the brink of collapse?

The latest on the Garden Bridge situation…

This week, the Garden Bridge Trust published their company accounts that demostrate that they are far from being a going concern. Trustees admit that they are likely to need more money and the Trust blames this on ‘delays’ – yet these delays are caused not only by the questionable actions of those involved in its procurement, but also because of the lack of private donations that the Garden Bridge Trust said would come flooding in after a boost of £60m of public funding. In short, the project is currently undeliverable, with unimplementable planning permissions, no interest in the land on either side of the river yet negotiated, and insufficient funds to construct or operate and maintain a Garden Bridge. Until the Hodge Review reports on the project’s Value for Money, and unless it reports favourably, it is highly unlikely that City Hall will approve a public guarantee, which means that the Bridge does not have a full planning consent and cannot go ahead. In other news: Westminster City Council (WCC) released its decision to allow the disposal of public space around Temple tube station in December, but thanks to the courageous stand of a cross-party coalition of WCC councillors, the decision has been called in and will be discussed at a policy and scrutiny committee meeting on January 19th at Westminster City Hall; more details are found here Many thanks to all of those who wrote in response to our call for WCC constituents to contact their councillors. And we made headlines last year (sort of!) when we attended the Fabian Society new year conference And we hope to do it again TOMORROW! Join us for a flashmob friendly protest outside Friends House 173-177 Euston Road NW1 2BJ on Saturday 14th January from 0915 onwards at this year’s Fabian Society conference. We hope to catch delegates arriving including Jeremy Corbyn and Dame Margaret Hodge who is currently undertaking a review of the Garden Bridge for London Mayor Sadiq Khan. With any luck it’ll be one of the last campaign protests that we have to do given the growing misfortunes of the Garden Bridge. So many thanks for your continued support – it’s been a long slog, but we hope to see you there!

Source: Join us: tomorrow for a flashmob vigil – and is the Garden Bridge on the brink of collapse?

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