Saturday’s Pictures In Full


This Saturday I was in London for the day (see here for more details), and I have posted several times on this site in connection with this (here, here and here), and I am concluding my activity on this front by showing all the London Transport related photos from that day in one post.


dscn6375 dscn6462 dscn6461 dscn6482 dscn6477 dscn6473 dscn6469 dscn6370 dscn6372 dscn6373 dscn6374 dscn6376 dscn6377 dscn6463 dscn6464 dscn6465 dscn6466 dscn6467 dscn6468 dscn6469 dscn6474 dscn6475 dscn6476 dscn6477 dscn6478 dscn6479

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