Above the Piccadilly Line (Posters)


On Saturday I had cause to be in London for the day (click here for more details). Engineering works interfered with my journey, and finding myself on a stopping train I alighted at Finsbury Park to change to the Piccadilly line.


The first southbound train that arrived was doing so after a significant break, and was therefore packed. Following my own advice tendered in a comment posted on Charlotte Hoather’s blog I therefore waited for the next train, which was following hard upon the heels of the packed one and duly got a seat. Just inside the train I noticed this poster…


Which reminded me more than a little of this one in my posession…


My replica of an old poster is larger and more detailed but covers a smaller area, stopping short at Hammersmith rather than featuring Heathrow. The basic idea, of showing people what is available directly above the line on which they are travelling is common to both posters. I feel that for all the comparatively small size of the modern poster only showing the Science Museum for South Kensington is reprehensible – both the other museums should certainly be shown and possibly the Royal College of Music as well. That said, there should be more such posters – every line should feature one. Here to finish is a juxtaposition picture…


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