Accessible Attractions


This post is setting the scene for what will be a series of posts featuring attractions located close to stations which are fully accessible for disabled people.


I spotted a link on my twitter feed this morning to a post by Disabled Go entitled “Top 10 Accessible London Attractions”, which was the genesis of the idea for this series. The post gives outline details of the attraction and a link to details on accessibility. After due thought on how to share that information on this site (whether to do so was not even an issue) I came up with:

  1. Create a specific page called Attractions and category called “Accessible Attractions” (check)
  2. Create this introductory post (check)
  3. Create posts about each attraction, mentioning the closest stations and linking to other relevant posts on this site (will do in due course)

Thus, in due time a further ten posts will definitely be appearing, with more possible.

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