Petition update · Action to Save the Trees on South Bank – Saturday 27th Feb ·

An event organised by TCOS, as advertised on

SATURDAY 27th FEBRUARY 2016 10AM, QUEEN’S WALK/ SOUTH BANK (outside ITV by the silver caravan cafe) Join us in raising awareness of the endangered trees on the Queen’s Walk that will be destroyed for the controversial Garden Bridge on the South Bank. We noticed that some of the famous sparkly blue lights have been removed from this tree-lined boulevard so we aim to put posters round the trees, tie ribbons and flowers around them and treasure them for as long as we can. We encourage you to come along and hug a tree, take pictures of yourself doing so, video the action and then promote it on social media e.g.Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. Please do join us and feel free to bring your own poster or flowers to tie to a tree. This world-famous riverwalk will be ruined if left in the hands of the Garden Bridge Trust, Lambeth Council and Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB) who want to replace it with a large commercial building. Don’t let them do it! And we’ll be holding a vigil on Tuesday 1st March outside Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre 108 Stamford Street, Waterloo SE1 9NH between 4:30pm – 6:30pm. The leaseholders of the land needed by the Garden Bridge Trust are: Coin Street Community Builders. Let them know we want the land to remain as a public right of way as it was always intended. They can put a stop to any private development as they don’t have to change the terms of the lease to enable the Garden Bridge Trust to privatise our open public space. CSCB aren’t answerable to anyone: the local council, London Assembly not even the government – but really they should be representing the local community which has shown overwhelming opposition to the Garden Bridge. After all, they fought for the land back in the 80s for people who don’t have green space or a garden. To give it up would be a real abuse of our trust. Meanwhile here’s an excellent update on the controversy surrounding the Garden Bridge written by Dan Anderson

Source: Petition update · Action to Save the Trees on South Bank – Saturday 27th Feb ·

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