Petition · Save the South Bank from the Garden Bridge ·

Please sign and share this petition. More info available here.

Help us challenge this in the HIgh Court! Support us here thanks: The Thames is London’s biggest piece of open space and its largest nature conservation area. Its openness is under threat as there are plans to put a Garden Bridge in the busiest tourist part of London, from Temple Tube Station to the South Bank, at a cost of £175 million pounds; over £60 million of it will be public money. It’s neither a garden nor an essential bridge; it’s mostly concrete with less than half a football pitch of green space. 90% of users are not expected to use it to cross the river but it will have a devastating impact on the river’s ecosystem and historic foreshore and will bring up to 7 million visitors to a South Bank already bursting with tourists. If it is built: – protected iconic views from Waterloo Bridge & South Bank e.g. St Paul’s Cathedral, Houses of Parliament or Waterloo sunsets, will be ruined, truncated & lost forever.  – NO cycling allowed, NO picnics allowed, Inadequate toilets for millions of people. NO step-free access. Groups of 8 or more are required to book in advance. You will be TRACKED using your mobile phone wifi. THIS WILL BE A PRIVATE BRIDGE WITH NO PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY RUN BY A PRIVATE COMPANY; IT IS THE PRIVATISATION OF OUR PUBLIC SPACES. – there are many public services or other parts of the country that desperately need the investment more. The South Bank is thriving – positively heaving, and the North bank is healthy and wealthy enough as it is.  – the environmental effects of the bridge will be catastrophic; the proposed landing site on the South Bank will take away open green space and destroy over 30 mature trees to accommodate a large commercial building. – the rising cost of construction and the burden of annual maintenance, currently £3.5m per year, will fall upon the public if the Garden Bridge Trust fails to deliver. There are already nine bridges spanning two miles between Westminster and London Bridges, seven of which can be crossed by foot; that’s more than plenty.  PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to the decision makers and comment on why you are signing; all feedback is welcome and encouraged. Many thanks for your support. Contact: @TCOSLondon

Source: Petition · Save the South Bank from the Garden Bridge ·

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