London: A History in Maps


Another Christmas present, with just enough connection to the theme of this site to be worth including.


Of course, given the length of London’s history, even in a volume of this massive size (bought for me by my aunt Helen), there were only three maps that tied in with this site. The book is magnificent, covering 2,000 years of history with a series of beautiful maps. The entertaining speculative effort entitled “Londinium Underground” not withstanding, the first railway station in the capital was Euston, which opened in the 1830s, and the earliest section of London Underground, now to be found on the Hammersmith and City line, opened in 1863. In London terms this is very recent.

The Maps that I choose to share are this effort from the Great Central Railway Company, which was devised for advertising purposes:


This one, showing stations in Middlesex:


And finally the 1907 Underground Electric Railways of London map:



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