Which? Targets Rail Companies With Super Complaint


Although this refers to mainline railways, I include it here because it does relate to London transport in that those of us who live outside the capital and rely on public transport generally use mainline railways to get to London before we can sample London transport of any kind. Therefore I make no apology on this occasion for including something of that is of wider significance than merely London.


Full details of the complaint that Which?  have launched can be seen by clicking here. What follows is Which?’s suggested text for an email message, which I have decided to embed in this post instead:

I’ve signed Which?’s campaign to Make Rail Refunds Easier and I thought you would like to sign too.

Which? is using its special legal powers to launch a super-complaint targeting the rail companies.

They are doing this as delayed customers miss out on millions of pounds in refunds every year. That’s because train companies make it far too difficult for passengers to claim money back.

For most train delays of over 30 mins, customers are entitled to a part refund of their fare. But only 1 in 3 people who were delayed by 30 minutes or more on their journey told Which? they had claimed a refund.

The super-complaint seeks to ensure passengers get clear information on money back for delays. Train companies must be held to account if they fail to encourage passengers to claim refunds.

If you agree with me, sign the petition – Make Rail Refunds Easier

Please sign the petition and spread the word.


While I hope this acts as a massive kick up the backside for the railway companies, what is really needed is the renationalisation of our railways.

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