Some Interesting London Transport Themed Maps


I was put on to these maps, which feature in a Telegraph piece providing hi-res images of lots od historical London Maps, by the wonderful blog historylondon who featured the piece as one of their ‘Ten Gobbets of The Week’.

The first map from the Telegraph piece features London’s Theatreland, making the then public transport visible as well:

The theatres map - URL:
The theatres map – URL:

The remaining maps are one whole and two close-up sections of the same map. For those who wish to see them in their original setting, the links are below, before the images themselves:

The 'Wonderground'  Map in all it's glory.
The ‘Wonderground’ Map in all it’s glory.

Wonderground - a Wonderground - b

I conclude by reiterating my thanks to historylondon for bringing these maps to my attention and to the Telegraph for publishing the original piece.

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